By donating you are helping us transform the lives of inmensily talented young musicans, contributing to the scholarships that ensure a tuition-free education at the School and extending the reach of our music to everyone and everywhere.

Your gift of any amount makes a great impact and is of great value to us.

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Ways of donating

  • Using Bizum (available only for Spanish bank accounts). Enter the code 01501 into your Bizum app or online banking and donate any amount you want, starting from €0.50.
  • Using a credit or debit card or a bank account. Please fill out the following form to do so:

Form for credit card or bank transfer donations
As written on your ID or Passport
As written on your ID or Passport
Fiscal information
PTo comply with the Ley 10/2020 de Prevención de Blanqueo de Capitales law on money laundering, and to process your donation with the Spanish Tax Agency, we need you to provide your fiscal information. 

A By donating to entities under the "Ley 49/2002 de Régimen Fiscal de Entidades sin Fines Lucrativos" law, you are elegible for up to 35% or 40% deductions on your annual taxes if you donate an equal or larger amount to the same entity for at least three years.


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