Master's Degree

The Master's Degree in Music Performance arose with the goal of offering the student advanced training that will permit them to acquire the skills and abilities necessary for the self-development of a high-level musical career.

The overall objective of the Master's Degree is to train performers who wish to combine specialization and technical improvement on their instrument with critical reflection on the phenomenon of performance. To do this, the Masters offers an in-depth programme on the technical aspects of the instrument, on the research related to performing, and on the various musical repertoires in the History of Music. Likewise, the Masters initiates the student in other fields that are necessary for their work and professional lives, such as pedagogy or entrepreneurship.

The Master's Degree in Music Performance consists of 60 European Credits (ECTS) in an academic course and is approved by the Ministry of Education, pursuant to Resolution BOE 23 June 2017.

The Masters has two modalities:

  • Orchestra instruments (clarinet, bass, bassoon, flute, oboe, horn, trumpet, viola, violin and cello) and piano.
  • Singing

Master's Degree Curriculum

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