The Reina Sofía School of Music offers all its students the possibility of choosing different types of scholarships to help cover the costs of their studies, with the premise that the economic conditions of each person should not be an obstacle to studying at the School. At present, 100% of the students receive a total or partial scholarship for their tuition.

The School offers:

  • Tuition Scholarships: covers part or all of the amount of tuition fees. All students at the School can choose this option. To determine the amount, the only criterion that is evaluated is the family income of the student.
  • Accommodation Scholarships: partially covers the costs of accommodation and meals during the course. Only students from outside the Community of Madrid are eligible for this scholarship; the amount is based on two factors: family income and place of origin, in which three areas are identified:
    • ZONE I - Community of Madrid: not eligible for accommodation scholarship.
    • ZONE II - Rest of Spain and the European Union.
    • ZONE III - Rest of the world.
  • Instrument Scholarships: depending on availability, the School provides enrolled students who need this the use of quality musical instruments during the academic year.

The process to apply for scholarships begins when the student passes the audition to enrol at the School. At that time, the necessary family economic information to calculate your scholarship will be requested. After gathering the documentation and having done a comprehensive economic study of all the students to ascertain the scholarship corresponding to each student based on their personal income, the Aid Committee will meet to analyse each specific case and confirm the distribution of scholarships. After the meeting of the Committee, each student