Foundation Course (to Bachelor or Master)

Preliminary Studies consist of a preparation program for entry into an official study program or the Diploma in Interpretation / Composition, with an academic and artistic program designed to reinforce the student in the areas in which they need it most, to ensure that upon entering the Diploma, Bachelor or Master's degree, you will develop your potential optimally.



The reasons for directing a candidate to this program can be diverse (age, low linguistic ability, lack of prior knowledge in harmony and analysis, etc.). The auditions process will be focused on, on the one hand, verifying the candidate's artistic potential, as well as identifying the specific areas that need reinforcement, after which the Dean and the Artistic Director, considering the guidelines of the corresponding Professor, will design the program academic and artistic for the student.


The duration of the Preliminary Studies will be one course (in exceptional cases, a second year of preparation may be offered).

If the student is under 18 years of age, this study program may be renewed annually until he / she reaches the age and academic qualifications necessary to apply for the Bachelor’s Degree.

Within the framework of the 2nd trimester cloister, the student's progress and their contribution to the artistic life of the School will be assessed, and it will be decided whether the student renews, withdraws, or is encouraged to attend the ordinary annual auditions to access another program.

Demographics and access

It will be offered to candidates under 18 years of age, and also to those who audition for a Bachelor or Master's degree who are required by the audition panel to take a year of adaptation to assess their potential and artistic development before opting for access to an official program. Access will be through ordinary auditions either by express request or by recommendation of the panel (if the candidate had applied for another study plan).

Artistic engagement

In the case of students under 18 years of age who are in high school, an attempt will be made to concentrate academic and artistic activities to make them compatible with secondary school studies.

For students over 18 years of age, students are expected to participate in all orchestra projects, chamber groups and any other activity programmed by the School for their benefit. Being absent without a justified permission could put at risk their continuity at School.

Academic path

Access to Preliminary Studies will be made through the School's regular annual audition process, and in no case does it guarantee automatic progress to any other School program.

Progression to the official Bachelor’s, Master's or Diploma program will be carried out only through the annual audition process, submitting an application in an ordinary way.



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