Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Piano

Led by Florent Boffard, the programme covers six terms of tuition, each structured around personalized training in piano and chamber music. Students will immerse into a diverse repertoire, ranging from Schoenberg to contemporary compositions.

The programme director will design each session based on a specific theme, composer, or musical style, tailored to meet the individual needs of the students. Additionally, the director will oversee the programming and preparation of contemporary projects for the School's Sinfonietta events.

Through this comprehensive teaching approach, students will be nurturing autonomy in their creative endeavours and explore the emergence of new writing styles.


Florent Boffard

Pierre-Laurent Aimard

Diploma in Contemporary Music  
The Diploma in Contemporary Piano is a Study Programme designed by the School as postgraduate studies, but without official recognition.

This Diploma offers an academic and artistic programme designed specifically for each student, without the teaching load existing in the Official Degrees.
The audition process will focus on identifying the specific areas to be developed or consolidated, after which the Dean and the Artistic Director, in conjunction with the corresponding Professor, will design the academic and artistic programme for the student.

The duration of the Diploma in Contemporary Piano is 1 or 2 years. This extension will be renewed or cancelled annually on the basis of the student's progress and contribution to the artistic life of the School, with the decision being taken at the 2nd term faculty meeting.

Demographics and access
Postgraduate pianists, specialised in the performance of 20th and 21st century repertoire, are offered to candidates. 

Artistic commitment
Students are expected to participate in all orchestra projects, chamber ensembles and any other activity programmed by the School for their benefit. Absence without justified permission could jeopardise continuity in the School.

Academic Itinerary
Entry to the Diploma in Contemporary Piano does not guarantee automatic progression to any other programme in the School. Progression to the official Bachelor's or Master's degree programme will only be made through the annual audition process, by submitting an application in the ordinary way. 


The next auditions will take place on 13 June 2024.

Application Deadline – until 13 May 2024

In the auditions, the only selection criterion is the student's talent. The process consists of several phases:

Round 1: Pre-selection

  • Online application:
  • Information about your previous studies.
  • Two academic references: contact the Instrument professor and the head of studies, director or dean. You can inform these people that we will ask them for information about your candidacy in order to assess your application. It is not allowed to ask for references from a person who is part of the selection board.
  • Language certificates if available.
  • A letter of motivation, stating the reasons why you wish to study at the School.
  • Artistic biography (a text of up to 900 characters).
  • Pieces selected according to the compulsory repertoire (see repertoire per chair below).
  • For the pre-selection: 
    • Two recent recordings. Two works of contrasting style (either the complete work or a single movement). There is no time limit on the length of the recording. 
    • An optional third video showing another activity: chamber music, soloist, etc.
  • At the end of the application form, a registration fee of 100 euros will be required.

Round 2: Audition

Compulsory repertoire:

  • L.v.Beethoven: 1st movement of a sonata. Memorised
  • An Etude in virtuosic style by Liszt, Chopin or Bártok. Memorised
  • An applicant's choice piece from post 1945. This piece is not required to be memorised. Applicants must provide piano scores corresponding to the works to be performed. 

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