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Our Sustainability Plan

The Reina Sofía School of Music aims to incorporate a sustainability strategy that considers key issues, such as good governance, transparency, partnerships, or environmental management.

1. Virtuous circle of academic excellence and the recognition of the institution and its students

  • Attracting the best talent to the institution, promoting equal opportunity and meritocracy.
  • Training students through a flexible and innovating educational model, based on a close relationship with the faculty.
  • Having great professors who are fully committed to the success of the School and its educational model.
  • Strengthening the relationship with alumni, to support them in their professional careers, and their role as ambassadors for the School.
2. The role of our School in society

  • Strengthening the dissemination of classical music, through a deeper understanding of our audience, reaching new groups, and innovation.
  • Contributing to the protection of culture and the industry promoting it, and holding a leading position on these issues.
  • Enabling mechanisms that ensure access to enrolment by all students, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Developing projects and partnerships to support vulnerable groups through the School’s activity
3. Sustainability of the institution through a solid and diversied funding model, underpinned by our strong links with the sponsors

  • Strengthening our relationship with sponsors, through a value proposition based on the protection of culture, the contribution to their corporate goals, and transparent accountability.
  • Diversifying the current financial model with new sources.
4. Responsible management model and governanc

  • Adopting good governance practices to strengthen the contribution of the board of trustees of the institution and its reputation in the long run.
  • Disseminating robustness and professionalism in management, formalizing the relevant procedures and enhancing transparency.
  • Attesting a high level of aligning the most external performance by management with highly recognised standards.
5. Our School, an attractive and sustainable work environment

  • Further endowing the School with procedures and tools aimed at facilitating the management of labour aspects and strengthening employees’ engagement with the institution.
  • Creating an environmental culture at the School, and promoting good practices in the facilities and activities organised by the institution.