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The Albéniz Archive and Documentation Centre (CADA) collects the numerous donations made by leading figures in the music world as well as all the materials created since 1972 from the programmes the Foundation has carried out. The Archive safeguards more than 100,000 multimedia documents, making its abundant information available to the scientific community by means of the latest technologies and by training interdisciplinary research teams.

The majority of these funds are available at the Cervantes Virtual Library thanks to an agreement signed in 2005 by its president, Mario Vargas Llosa, and the president of the Albéniz Foundation, Paloma O’Shea.

The Archive is made up of elements from different formats:

  • Photographic archive (70,385 catalogued documents, 70,385 digital images)
  • Publications archive (4,520 catalogued documents, 20,200 digital images)
  • Archive containing audiovisual and sound recordings (9,400 hours of recorded material in DAT, Betacam, VHS, CD and DVD formats)
  • General archive (documents that have been created by different sections of the Albéniz Foundation)

The majority of the Archive’s patrimony is made up of:

  • The Isaac Albéniz Archive: 1,102 references corresponding to 754 letters and 384 scores, the result of research that located sources about the composer Isaac Albéniz, which CADA entrusted in 1991 to the musicologist Jacinto Torres.
  • The Arthur Rubinstein Archive: the legacy from the great pianist Arthur Rubinstein, donated to CADA in 1998 by his widow, Nela Rubinstein. This is made up of 17,091 letters, 7,165 press articles, 6,501 photographs and other documents, which add up to a total of 33,906 records, corresponding to 58,005 digital images.
  • The Albéniz Foundation Archive: collects the material created since 1972 from its different activities and programmes, such as the Reina Sofía School of Music or the Santander «Paloma O’Shea» International Piano Competition.
  • The Frederic Mompou Archive: made up of 7,235 documents and 5,178 digital images, this fund comes from an exhaustive transcription of the personal and documentary archive of composer Frederic Mompou, which allows his career path and his relationship with other cultural figures of his time to be followed.
  • The Luis Galve Archive: a collection of 672 scores and 222 vinyl records from  Luis Galve, one of the most important Spanish pianists from the 20th century, donated to the Albéniz Foundation by his widow Georgina Jelicé for its use in teaching at the Reina Sofía School of Music.

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This activity received funds from the Dirección General de Bellas Artes del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.



The Albéniz Foundation Archive also has thousands of documents that have come from generous donations by renowned figures in culture and music:

  • Fondo Elaine Brody
  • Fondo José Felipe Bertrán
  • Fondo Alberto Corral López-Dóriga y Bárbara de Rueda
  • Fondo Soledad Díaz Bustamante
  • Fondo Carlos Diego
  • Fondo Cecilia Foletti y Domingo Sugranyes
  • Fondo Antonia Fontalvo
  • Fondo Enrique Franco
  • Fondo Antón García Abril
  • Fondo Doctor Rafael García Tapia
  • Fondo Goethe-Institut Madrid
  • Fondo Luz González-Camino Meade
  • Fondo Pedro Jover
  • Fondo Luis del Llano
  • Fondo Patricia O'Shea
  • Fondo José Luis Pérez de Arteaga
  • Fondo Salvador Pons
  • Fondo Narcís Serra
  • Fondo José María Valverde
  • Fondo Henning Wegener

Some of these documents are available in the Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes, thanks to an agreement signed in 2005 between its President, Mario Vargas Llosa, and the President of the Fundación Albéniz, Paloma O'Shea.

The Reina Sofía School of Music in Google Arts & Culture

The Reina Sofía School of Music has created a page in Google Arts & Culture to increase the access to the legacies of great musical and cultural interest that many personalities and institutions have donated to the School.

To contact the Centro de Archivo y Documentación Albéniz (CADA): archivo@albeniz.com.