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Projects with special groups

One of the founding principles of the Reina Sofía School of Music is to bring Classical music closer to society and it has, throughout the years, launched serveral projects were music becomes a vehicle for healing and development of special collectives. From concerts in hospitals to workshops in schools, the Reina Sofía School brings music where it is most needed.

Concerts in hospitals with Fundación Mutua Madrileña

The Reina Sofía School of Music collaborates with the Fundación Mutua Madrileña to bring music to hospitalised children and their families. Students from the School perform educational concerts at the Niño Jesús and La Paz hospitals in Madrid, to lighten the children's stay and help with their recovery.

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The SonArte project consists in a series of musical workshops with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the special education school Alenta, focused on the development of emotions through music, thus improving relationships between students.

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a series of educational workshops in collaboration with Fundación Balia directed at children of Latin American backgrounds. These workshops seek to foster a sense of belonging and self-esteem through the learning of popular songs from Colombia, Cuba and Costa Rica.

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The Purple project is a series of workshops with women victim of domestic violence in which, using the Orff methodology -with body percussion, voice and simple instruments-, explore the power of music to facilitate the expression of emotion.

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Músicos por la salud

The Reina Sofía School collaborates with the NGO Músicos por la Salud, which organises concerts and live music in hospitals and health centres to easen the stay of especially vulnerable people. Students of the School take part in these concerts that provide up to a daily hour of live music in these hospitals.

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Sounds of Company

Sounds of Company consisted of 4 concerts targeting 4 collectives that have especially suffered the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic: elderly people, Alzheimer's disease and neurodegenerative disease patients; and people in palliative care, counting on the support of Fundación Vianorte Laguna for its execution.

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Close Music

Close music is the development of a concert tour in locations struggling with access to live music due to their geographic location, followed by the recording of a documentary to raise awareness about depopulation. This project was done in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Depopulation.

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