Master's Degree in Music Performance

The Master's Degree in Music Performance will lead the student to obtain advanced training, which will allow them to develop skills and abilities necessary for the autonomous development of a musical career of high artistic level. The objectives of this Master are aimed at the training of performers who wish to combine specialization and technical improvement in their field of knowledge and critical reflection on the interpretive phenomenon.

These are studies instituted within the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna Plan and are approved by the Ministry of Education, pursuant to Resolution BOE 23 June 2017.


The Master offers a deepening program in the technical aspects of the instrument; in research in relation to interpretation; and in the different musical repertoires of the History of Music. On the other hand, the Master introduces students to other fields necessary for their work and professional life, such as pedagogy or entrepreneurship.

The Masters has two modalities:

  • Orchestra instruments (clarinet, bass, bassoon, flute, oboe, horn, trumpet, viola, violin and cello) and piano.
  • Singing

Master's Degree Curriculum

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The Master's Degree in Music Performance consists of 60 European Credits (ECTS) that must be taken in an academic year.

Demographics and access

It will be offered to candidates who have completed their Bachelor’s Degree studies. Access will be through the annual ordinary auditions process.

In accordance with the provisions of article 15 of the R.D. 1614/2009, of October 26th, which establishes the organization of higher artistic teachings regulated by Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3rd, on Education, to access the official master's artistic teachings it will be necessary to be in possession of any of the following qualifications:

  • Official Bachelor’s Degree in artistic education, official university degree of Graduate or Graduate or its equivalent issued by an institution of the European Higher Education Area that empowers in the country issuing the degree for access to Master's degrees. (All undergraduate degrees of 180 credits or equivalent will be understood to be included in this section as long as they have recognized access to the master's degree.)
  • Qualifications obtained in accordance with educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area.
Recognition of studies

International students that want to course our Bachelor's or Master's degrees must have their previous studies recognised. For more information, consult the sections of the Spanish Ministry of Education on Recognition of non-university studies (website available only in Spanish) and the Recognition of foreign university degrees (website available only in Spanish).

The homologation process must be started in person at the Spanish Consulate of the country of origin, or at the Ministry of Education in Madrid. The application for homologation should be submitted before September 1st.

The documents required for the homologation of studies and higher degrees in artistic education are the following:

  • Verified copy of the academic certification of the courses taken, which includes the following information:
    • Total duration of the study plan passed to obtain the title that is provided.
    • Duration of each of the subjects taken by the applicant to obtain the accredited degree.
  • Verified copy of the academic certification accrediting the studies corresponding to special regime teachings taken prior to those that it intends to validate.
  • Verified copy of the certification issued by the educational authorities of the country of origin justifying the following points:
    • Academic validity of the studies at the national level.
    • Academic level of the degree or studies in the educational system of the country of origin.
    • Academic degree awarded by the degree obtained, if applicable.
    • Studies that can be accessed in the educational system of origin with the academic title provided.
  • Verified copy of the title or, where appropriate, of the academic certification accrediting the completion of the previous Baccalaureate studies or equivalent.

IMPORTANT: The documents must be official and, where appropriate, be duly legalized and accompanied by an official translation into Spanish.

The verified copies are made at the time of submitting the application and / or documentation in any registry of a Spanish administration, presenting the original (which is returned once the document has been scanned). The verified copy must be made once the originals are legalized.

Artistic engagement

Students are expected to participate in all orchestra projects, chamber groups and any other activity programmed by the School for their benefit. Being absent without a justified permission could put at risk their continuity at School.

Academic path

Entry into the Master of Interpretation will be done through the School's regular annual audition process. Upon graduation with the Master's degree, the student will finish their studies at the School.

To continue their studies at the School, accessing other programs, the student must submit the corresponding application and successfully pass the selection process.


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