Why study at the School?

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The best teachers Learning comes directly from highly prestigious figures, academic and artistic leaders on an international level.
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Only talent matters Students are selected by means of auditions where the only evaluation criterion is talent.
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Personalised teaching Each teacher designs the curriculum based on the needs of the student, who learns what they need to at each moment of their training process.
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The stage as an extension of the classroom Playing on stage is an essential part of training as a musician. At the School, each student participates in an average of 20 concerts per academic year, in different formats and concert halls.
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Tuition-free Tuition is free for all students, thanks to scholarships financed by sponsors. In addition, the School has financial assistance to help students cover all their needs during the academic year.
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Professional opportunities Preparation to be a professional musician. The best letter of presentation are the more than 830 former students who develop their artistic careers all over the world.
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Exceptional facilities The School is located in the heart of Madrid, in an environment that is surrounded by culture. The facilities have the best equipment and infrastructures, including the Sony Auditorium with a seating capacity for 351 people.