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Educational Projects

The Reina Sofía School of Music has launched serveral projects that go beyond its usual formative activity and bring its educational efforts to new audiences. Listening and making music brings people together through values such as compromise, commitment, leadership and collaboration, which are essential for a shared life and existence. 

Concerts for Schools

Within its task of bringing Classical music to new audiences, the Reina Sofía School organises, in collaboration with Fundación Banco Santander, the Concerts for School series each year: a programme targeting schools that has reached its 20th edition with more than 90.000 children participating. These concerts, designed by specialists, are directed towards Primary, Secondary and High School students.

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An musical education project using VR technology targeting school students, aged 8 to 12. This project consisted in the recording and editing of a 360º video with a subsecuent educational activty at the San Antonio School (Cuatro Caminos, Madrid). It served as the basus for the creation, in 2021, of a new VR project within the Concerts for Schools series.

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