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Green Music & Entrepreneurship

What is Green ME?

GreenME is the environmental awareness programme of the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía and aims to promote initiatives that develop synergies in two fundamental fields for the institution: music and environmental commitment.

The development of sustainable music careers is one of the challenges facing the sector in its efforts to adapt to the climate situation. Following recent green recovery policies, such as "Music Declares Emergency", and relying on our adherence to the SDGs, the Queen Sofia School firmly declares that those who dedicate themselves to art, and in particular to music, have a great power of conviction, education and inspiration within society and can be a role model for present and future generations.

Green ME is a project co-funded by the European Union through the MusicAIRE programme.

What does it consist of?

The activities that form the backbone of the Green ME project are:

  • Green ME Conference and celebration of the 1st Green Week of the Queen Sofia School.
  • Theoretical-practical module on music and environment
  • Design, development and implementation of a real project at the intersection between music and environment.

Download here the Environmental Sustainability Guide for Enterprising Musicians

The Green ME conference took place on 23 February 2023 as part of the actions carried out during Green Week and was attended by: Marta García Haro, Senior Manager at Sustainable Development Solutions Network; Federico Hernández, Associate Director at HarrisonParrot; and Mónica Gutiérrez from the BASURAMA Association.

The Green Week was articulated around 5 challenges for the planet for the entire educational community and staff of the School. The aim was to create a collective movement that would have a high impact through simple actions such as not using the lift or deleting unnecessary emails to free up cloud storage.

The entrepreneurship project will be carried out by students or alumni of the School and will be devised, developed and implemented over the coming months.

The project developed was "Paseos Sonoros" (Sound Walks), carried out as part of the ADAR Festival (Music Festival for the Development of the Arts in the Rural Environment), which was held from 4 to 13 August in the Asturian municipalities of El Franco, Colunga, Grado and Belmonte de Miranda.

"Sound Walks" is a new concept of concerts through which the aim is to promote dialogue with nature, linking the territory, the history and the residents of the participating municipalities and dynamising the relationship between human beings and nature. Thus, the concerts held in these rural environments were accompanied by environmental awareness-raising actions, including the participation of artists and audiences in activities such as collecting rubbish and cleaning up the forest, promoting the conservation of the region's natural environment.