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International Institute of Chamber Music of Madrid

Applications 2024-2025


Chamber music, in addition to being an essential genre in the history of music, is a very relevant specialty in the academic training of young musicians as it contributes to their artistic development and maturation.

The International Institute of Chamber Music of Madrid was created in 2005 as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council, Fundación Caja Madrid and the Albéniz Foundation to consolidate a meeting point for high level international chamber music activity in Madrid’s artistic and academic life. With almost 20 years of experience, the Institute has confirmed that there is a demand from young musicians from all over the world to have a centre for high level specialization where they can come together and refine their talents in this repertoire for a minimum of one academic year, renewable thereafter.

The Institute is directed at students who have completed or are completing their high-level studies, with the aim of giving them all the necessary knowledge for comprehensive training: performing abilities across all styles, the ability to integrate themselves into groups having highly diverse formats and the development of a leadership role.

The chamber groups wishing to study under the direction of Professor Günter Pichler are selected annually through a process of open auditions. There are also additional string groups, wind ensembles and piano ensembles, which are made up of students from the school, working under the direction of Marta Gulyás and Heime Müller.

String Quartets




Piano Ensembles Department


Wind Ensembles


Board of Trustees

Ministry of Culture

General Director of INAEM
Paz Santa Cecilia Aristu

Deputy General Director of Music and Dance
Ana Belén Faus Guijarro


Community of Madrid

Regional Minister of Education, Science and Universities 
Emilio Viciana Duro

Regional Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport
Mariano de Paco Serrano


Fundación Albéniz

Paloma O’Shea

Julia Sánchez Abeal


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