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Lecciones magistrales

Márta Gulyás: Turina - Piano trio op 76 - I. Lento - Allegro molto moderato

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The newest additions to the catalogue

Working impressions

Representative pieces from Musical Impressionism (Debussy, Ravel, Satie and Falla) worked with great masters

Eternal Bach

Different professors walk us through the performance of the basic masterpieces for solo instruments by the great Johann Sebastian Bach

The Fantastic Four

The string quartet and the key works worked by great performers and pedagogues

Leading the orchestra

Orchestra rehearsals with the great leaders of the XXI century: the conductors

Unforgettable Masters

Internationally renowned pedagogues that have left behind a treasured legacy for our students

The Art of Bel Canto

Insights from great lyric masters on arias written by the main composers of Italian Bel Canto: Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini

The French Violin School

The works of Lalo, Saint-Säens and Chausson explained by prominent violin masters

Piano Sonatas from Scarlatti to Prokofiev

A selection of masterclasses by renowned pianists on sonatas written for piano from the 18th to the 20th Centuries, in chronological order

Winds from 20th Century

A collection of masterclasses on works created in the 20th Century for different wind instruments: flute, clarinet, bassoon or trumpet

Main Concerti for Double Bass

Double bass masterclasses on works that form the core repertoire of this instrument: concerti by Bottesini, Vanhal, Koussevitzky and Dittersdorf

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