Diploma in Music Performance/Composition

The Diploma in Music Performance/Composition is a study program designed by the School, analogous to the Bachelor’s Degree but without official recognition.


This Diploma offers an academic and artistic program designed specifically for each student, without the teaching load existing in Official Titles.

The audition process will be focused on identifying the specific areas to be developed or consolidated, after which the Dean and the Artistic Director, in consultation with the corresponding Professor, will design the academic and artistic program for the student.


The duration of the Diploma in Music Performance/Composition is a minimum of one course and a maximum of 4 (renewable each year). This extension will be endorsed or canceled annually based on the student's progress and his contribution to the artistic life of the School, the decision being resolved in the 2nd trimester cloister.

Demographics and Access

It is offered to candidates over 18 years of age who prefer a less regulated option, who seek greater flexibility in their study plan than in the Official Degrees of Bachelor’s and Master's degree, as this degree has a more practical/professional nature.

Access will be through regular annual auditions either by express request, or by recommendation of the court (if the candidate had applied for another title).

Artistic engagement

Students are expected to participate in all orchestra projects, chamber groups and any other activity programmed by the School for their benefit. Being absent without a justified permission could put at risk their continuity at School.

Academic path

Entry into the Diploma in Music Performance/Composition does not guarantee automatic progress to any other program at the School. Progression to the official Bachelor’s or Master's degree program will be carried out only through the annual audition process, submitting an application in the ordinary way.



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