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A Unique School

The Reina Sofía School of Music was created with the goal of setting up a leading international centre to teach young musicians and facilitate the development of their individual talent. Its educational project is based on several pillars that make it a unique initiative in academia.

Faculty of the highest level

The School has a team of teachers, masters in each one of their instruments and figures of great international prestige. In addition, great artists and educators regularly visit the School during the academic year to give master classes to students as a supplement to their core training.

The School admits a limited number of students per academic department to ensure proper and complete dedication. All students receive personalized instruction, designed by the academic team and tailored to their needs, with individual and group classes.

Merit as the sole criterion

Selection of students at the School is done through a process of auditions, directed by the leading professors of each department, in which the only evaluation criterion is talent. The rate of admission is 6%, one of the most demanding in Europe.

The tuition-free system allows those with enough merit to have access to the highest level of education.

Artistic Experience

That students learn on stage is an essential part of the School’s philosophy. Every year there are more than 300 concerts held at the School auditorium as well as in other public spaces. In them, young musicians have the opportunity to show the results of their work in the classroom to the public, and in the most diverse forms: recitals, solo performances, chamber groups or in orchestras organised by the School. Additionally, students have the opportunity to perform alongside international figures, who come regularly to share the stage with them. Each student performs on average in 20 concerts per year.