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Mission and Values

The Reina Sofía School of Music was created in 1991 as a project to help both young people and musical culture. Since then, the School has worked to advance on two objectives: to support highly-talented young people in their personal and artistic development, and to bring the best music to all audiences.

The transformational capacity of music gives social impact to these two objectives. Music removes barriers and treats everyone equally, regardless of language, tradition or culture. The practice of music unites through values such as commitment, perseverance, leadership and collaboration, which are essential for life and coexistence.

The greater the creativity and quality with which music is composed and interpreted, the stronger its emotional effect will be on the listener, and as such its beneficial impact on society will also be greater. Because of this, the Reina Sofía School has consistently maintained these educational principles from the first day as a way of ensuring maximum development of its students and the largest impact on society.

  • Hiring of only the best international teachers.
  • Admission of students in open auditions and based exclusively on talent.
  • Intense and personalized teacher-student relationship, with complete academic freedom.
  • Comprehensive musical training with special attention on group interpretation, both symphonic as well as chamber.
  • Considering the stage a necessary extension of the classroom: intense and demanding artistic life.