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Jóvenes Directores y la Orquesta de Cámara Freixenet de la Escuela Reina Sofía: Schubert, Mozart y Bartók

Our selection

Musical Journeys

We propose different routes along which you may travel through music, by listening to a collection of pieces that evoke several places


Our great symphonic concerts: the Reina Sofía School's Freixenet Orchestra lead by renowned conductors of our time

Awakening emotions

Compositions that showcase the power of music in arouse different feelings without the need for words: love, melancholy, pain, joy, anger, fear, peace...

The Most Beautiful Sonatas

A seleccion of the most renowned and charming sonatas for each instrument

For Children

A seleccion of concerts created and presented just for the little ones to enjoy and learn with Classical music

Women composers

Collection of musical works composed by women of past and present

Works in context

The performers briefly present the works they are going to play to bring them closer to the audience and thus complement the listening

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