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360 VR

Through the virtual reality experience A la Música con los 5 Sentidos, you land in the centre of a string orchestra, from which you will travel to remote paradises, icy landscapes and palaces of past centuries. And all this at the hands of the students of the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.

To enjoy the immersive experience, access this page with your virtual reality glasses and let yourself be transported by the music of great geniuses: Mozart, Respighi and Tchaikovsky.

How to navigate through the content

Once you have your goggles on, access this page only through your VR device's web browser (such as Firefox Reality), as it is not possible to access the content from your device's native VR applications.

To begin the experience, simply click on the "Start here" image below. The content is organised into an introduction and three chapters of four scenes each. On the first page, you can watch the introduction and then choose the path you want to take, moving forward and backward through the pages using the buttons that indicate this.

Play each video in full screen, choosing the "360" option among the VR modes offered by YouTube.

Tips for a perfect VR Experience

Clearing the environment

Immersive learning experiences require an unobstructed space where you can move your arms freely. It is recommended that you sit in a swivel chair, so you can turn your head and body to look in all directions, even backwards, because you will be in a 360-degree immersive environment.

Virtual reality glasses

Before starting the experience, you need to adjust the goggles on your head until you are in a comfortable position and adjusted to your optimal vision.

Start your experience here