Music and Fun Summer Camp

  • Music and culture programme with languages, sport and fun for ages 8 to 12
  • Place: Santander
  • Registration in March 2021
  • Early Bird rate registration until: 25 April 2021
  • Registration until: 31 May 2021
  • Place: Santander

Music, culture, languages, sports, and fun

The programme is designed for students of string instruments and piano as a cultural and linguistic immersion in the world of music, along with sports activities, languages, and leisure that are combined with the intensity of the instrumental activity. It is open to all levels and is a great choice as a prelude to the Young Artists Summer Camp.

The teachers at the Summer Camp are final year and former students of the School, all of whom are chosen according to the School’s academic criteria. The supervisors, with a ratio of one supervisor for every six students and all of them holders of the diploma on Leisure and Free Time, accompany and help students make them feel at home.

The programme divides the students in groups that depending on the activity may vary from 3 to 20. They spend half the day at the Conservatory where they attend instrument classes and the other half at the Ruth Beitia Municipal Sports Complex, where they have choir activities, play sports, and learn languages.

You can find the complete brochure here.

  • Five hours of instrument class with the teacher of instrument technique. The teacher helps students to improve their technique by adapting to their level.
  • Ten hours of instrument practice in an individual classroom. The student will be able to practice what he or she has learned or they will rehearse before class.
  • Five hours of Chamber Music. At the beginning of the programme, we will create small ensembles of strings with piano and the professor will teach them how to play together, according to the different levels.
  • Ten hours of Chamber Music practice. Students will practice works seen in class or will rehearse before the class begins.
  • Six hours of Choir. The choir subject taught as a group helps students work in harmony and brings cohesion to the group.
  • Five* hours of Culture. We organise several music and/or cultural activities to create an immersive atmosphere for the group. From visiting the city of Santander or the surrounding area in order to learn more about the Cantabrian culture to having the opportunity to attend to closed-door rehearsals of musicians participating at the Santander Encounter of Music and Academy.
  • Four* hours of languages. Students attend English or Spanish lessons, depending on their mother tongue. Groups are divided according to their level.
  • Twenty* hours of sports. From yoga to swimming, tennis, and volleyball, all of them in the wonderful facilities of the Ruth Beitia Municipal Sports Complex. It is the perfect way to relax after class.
  • Surf. During the weekend, students will have the opportunity to approach the world of surfing with classes given by professionals and monitored by our supervisors on the best beach to learn this sport in Santander: Sardinero beach.
  • Leisure activities: The programme is completed with leisure activities that are held before bedtime at the Residence for students enrolled in Full Campus and where they enjoy their free time playing games and allowing the group to become more cohesive, all of this under adult supervision.
  • Concert for parents: At the end of the programme, there will be a performance of the chamber groups at the Auditorium of the “Ataulfo Argenta” Professional Music Conservatory.


*The number of hours may vary slightly due to organisational needs.

How do I apply for the programme?

The application period starts on 1 March and ends on 25 April 2021 with an early bird discount and from 26 April to 31 May.

In order to register for the programme, the candidate must follow these steps:

    1. Access the form Get Accepted form.

    2. A 2- to 3-minute video of the candidate playing the instrument with which he or she wishes to participate in the programme.

There are only 6 slots available for piano students and these will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.