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Alumni Network

The alumni of the Reina Sofía School of Music are part of a community of more than 750 people from 73 nationalities who live and work in 200 cities in 41 different countries. The School’s Alumni Programme promotes meetings between students of different generations, creating a creative line of interaction and artistic collaboration between them, while fostering their role as ambassadors for the School around the world.

Thus, in 2016, in honour of the School’s 25th anniversary, the programme’s first meeting was held with the goal of creating a space for meetings and reunions, as well as to weave together a network of professionals to facilitate collaborative projects and promote a direct relationship between those who were students and those who are students now.

The II Meeting of Alumni will be held between 12-13 june 2020.

The alumni of the School enjoy several advantages:

  • Library: permanent access in situ to the School’s library.
  • Tickets: preferential access to concerts held at the School.
  • Information: Information of interest from the School (job opportunities, scholarships, training, etc.)

In addition, alumni can contribute to the School’s educational and artistic project in several ways:

  • Artistic contribution: donating a concert or inviting a current student to share the stage on their professional agenda.
  • Professional contribution: final year students are faced with a change in their careers: the alumni can help with this transition, informing them about their new options and guiding them in the design of their professional career.
  • In-kind contribution: collaborating with the scholarship for instruments programme.
  • Personal contribution: by becoming a Friend of the School or Seat Associate.

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