Lucas De Oliveira Espindola

Lucas De Oliveira Espindola

Born in Presidente Venceslau, Brazil, in 1993. Since 2020, he studies at the Reina Sofía School of Music’s IF International Foundation Trumpet Chair with professor Reinhold Friedrich. He has been granted a scholarship by Fundación Albéniz.

He studied at Dr. Carlos de Campos Music Conservatory in Tatuí (Brazil) with professor Marcelo Costa. He was a member of the Music Academy of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, with professor Gilberto Siqueira, for two years. He has also studied with Rudi Korp and Martin Angerer at the Brass Academy in Alicante.

He is first trumpet of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the São Paulo State, having recorded five CDs.

He has participated in several competitions in his home country, becoming the winner of the Young Soloists Competition of the Tatuí Music Conservatory (2012) and obtaining the third prize at the Brazilian Trumpet Association Competition (2016).

As a student of the School, in 2021 he participated in the 30th anniversary tour of the School with the Freixenet Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada, with whom he performed at Madrid's Teatro Real, at Bratislava's Reduta Hall, at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc Academy and at Vienna's Musikverein. He is also a member of the Telemann Ensemble.