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Miriam Fried: Brahms - Violin sonata no. 3 op 108 - I. Allegro

BRAHMS, Johannes

Sonata for violin and piano no. 3 in D minor op. 108

I. Allegro


Miriam Fried, guest professor

Raquel Areal Martínez, student

Vadim Gladkov, accompaying pianist


There are three main aspects in which Professor Fried wants to work on:
1. The clarity of the music in formal aspects. They talk about the development of the movement, where there are two important elements: the piano accompaniment of the left hand, in quarter-notes, that gives all the dramatism; the combination of two repeated elements to give more tension than the exposition.
2. Acoustics issues: the student tends to finishes each phrase with an inaudible note. Playing piano does not mean not to hear the note.
3. Dialogue between the violin and the piano part. It is necessary to feel more communication, more conversation, and to know very well the role of every part.
All the corrections in phrasing, dynamics, character, fingerings, etc. tend to improve those three basic aspects.
The music is a constant movement and the bow is the instrument we use to shape all these fluctuations.
Fried gives two interesting advises: the student should study from the general score to find all the interactions among the two instruments and should enjoy the details and the musical differences because in Brahms every detail is connected with the whole.
Finally, Fried explains more aspects of the expression in this sonata and insists on the idea of developing the imagination creating a personal image of the piece.

Language: English