The MEPA project consisted of conducting several workshops with adolescents from the IES Cardenal Cisneros, culminating in a sound creation and a concert. Its main objective was to increase the environmental awareness of young people through the collection and processing of recordings related to the environment, blending them with traditional songs. The project also aimed to enhance the creativity and self-esteem of the adolescents.

The project's impact extended to students, teachers, and the community at large, promoting greater awareness of noise and its effects on the environment.


  • Increase environmental awareness among adolescents.
  • Foster creativity and self-esteem in adolescents.
  • Integrate environmental education with traditional music.

Team: Ekhi Martínez Imai (violin), Marlin Yuranny González Zúñiga (vocals), João Lobo (double bass), Clara Marimón (tutor).