Restoring Their Voices

Restoring Their Voices is a project that stems from the desire of reclaiming female composers that have been neglected and silenced throughout History. The project consisted of the creation of an educational concert that reaches from the Middle Ages to our time, supported by the production of informative posters to help communicate the life and works of those women who weren't able to fulfill their careers to the level their talent deserved for having been born a woman.

Students: Miriam Silva (voice), Joidy Blanco (flute), Sevan Gharibian (composition), Weronika Dziadek (viola)


  • To highlight the music of female composers.
  • To disseminate their repertoire to be known and performed.
  • To foster a new generation of composers.
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Cycle: "Extraordinary Concerts"

Devolviendo la voz: mujeres compositoras