Da Camera de Cuerdas

Da Camera: String Quartets

Friday 3rd of November, 2023
Auditorio Sony, Madrid

Chamber music is an essential genre in the history of music and in every musician’s learning process. It is at once ensemble music and solo music, because the listener can distinguish the sound of each performer. In the absence of a director, it requires a type of shared leadership in which the artists have to coordinate among themselves to obtain the best results.


In the Da Camera concert series, groups of the International Institute of Chamber Music of Madrid, that gathers the best young ensembles in Europe, present the fruits of their work.


Free tickets for Friends of the School. Find more information on the Friends Programme here.


This concert will also be broadcast live on our Youtube channel.


    • CLARKE, Rebecca
      • Piano trio
        • I. Moderato ma appassionato III. Allegro vigoroso II. Andante molto semplice
          • TRÍO DELYRIA
          • David Strongin, Violín
          • Uriah Gabriel Tutter, Violonchelo
          • Elisha David Kravitz, Piano
    • BRAHMS, Johannes
      • Piano trio no. 1 in B major op 8
        • I. Allegro con brio II. Scherzo III. Adagio non troppo IV. Finale. Allegro molto agitato
          • TRÍO DELYRIA
  • -----PAUSA-----
    • MENDELSSOHN, Felix
      • String quartet no. 6 in F minor op 80