Teresa Pellicer Herrero

Teresa Pellicer Herrero

Born in Valencia, Spain, in 2000. Since 2022, she studies at the Reina Sofía Music School’s Clarinet Chair with professor Pascal Moraguès. She has been granted a scholarship by Fundación Albéniz.

She began her clarinet studies at the age of seven at La Purísima Centre of Elemental Music Studies in Valencia under the guidance of professor Carmen Bautista. In 2011, despite being under the admission age, she entered Valencia’s Music Conservatory (Velluters) with professor José Vicente Mañes. In 2017 she furthered her higher music studies at the Joaquin Rodrigo Music Conservatory in Valencia with Professor José Cerveró, graduating with Honours in Chamber Music and the End-of-Degree Extraordinary Award in the performance category (clarinet).

She has attended several training courses and masterclasses with professors such as José Franch-Ballester, Nicolás Baldeyrou, Vicente Alberola, Vicent Alòs, Miguel Espejo, Wenzel Fuchs, Arno Piters, Enrique Pérez, Johannes Peitz, Eduardo Raimundo, Juanlu Puelles, José Miguel Martínez, José Vte Herrera, José Luis Estellés, Calogero Palermo, and Pirmin Grehl (chamber music), among others.

She is academician of the Islas Baleares Symphony Orchestra and member of the Generalitat Valenciana Youth Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of Spain. She has also participated in the Music Master Course Valencia Orchestra and she has been a soloist with the Joaquin Rodrigo Conservatory Orchestra in Valencia.

As a student of the School, she has been a member of the Freixenet Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada and Juanjo Mena, and she has been part of the O Globo Quintet. she is currently part of the Ricercata de EY Quintet and the Fundación Mutua Madrileña Ensemble.