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Zoltán Kocsis: Mozart - Piano sonata K 284 - I. Allegro

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus

Sonata for keyboard in D major K 284

I. Allegro


Zoltán Kocsis, guest professor

David Kadouch, student


Prof. Kocsis have not understood some aspects from the student’s performance, such as certain excessive subito changes of dynamics. Besides, in professor’s opinion those should be on time.
Regarding the beginning of the piece, Kocsis advises him not to relax the energy but to maintain it. Then he makes other indications about phrasing and articulation, and he recommends the typical fingering in Mozart.
The student must also be clear about what is more or less interesting. In this way, he could know what stand out by playing: harmonic progression is less interesting than melody, but afterwards the contrary happens.
Moreover, Zoltán Kocsis gives other recommendations related to the use of the pedal, contrast between both hands, and how to improve certain dynamical issues using fingers properly.
Finally, he makes some comments on the required character for a certain passage and the way to express it – not fighting too much. For the last two arpeggios he also suggests maintaining less the sound and, in general, taking care of the sound cleanliness and clarity.

Language: English