Dryad Project

"Music moves us from emotion to action, it enhances our sensitivity and basic values, and inspires us to look at the world differently: more critically, passionately and with commitment. We have an obligation to protect the planet and we use music to inspire in the fight against climate change".

The Dryad Project presents itself with these words - created by a group of musicians concerned with climate change and focused on these goals: 

  • Bring awareness to the public of the urgency of the fight against global warming.
  • Trigger action through specific interventions like donations to organisations for reforestation.

The project, before the pandemic, was focused on organising a music festival within nature, mainly targeted to families and children, with environmental awareness activities and live music. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, all performances were cancelled and the group decided to transform their project into a video production that reflects their concern for the climate crisis and fulfills the goal of bringing awareness to the largest number of people possible to achieve their participation in the fight against global warming.

Students: Raquel del Pino, Joaquín Arias, Montserrat Egea, Alessandra Doninelli, Hayk Sukiasyan