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Measures taken against Covid-19

With the aim of ensuring upmost security against Covid-19, there are a series of measures and protocols in place in accordance with the provisions and recommendations issued bt the authorities.

Among the general measures in place are:

  • Limit and control of the capacity, including automatic temperature control in the building access. 
  • Compulsory use of face masks at all times.
  • Installation of hydroalcoholic hand gel dispensers throughout the building.
  • Adaptation and control of the use of offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, cabins, lunch areas, toilets, lifts, staircases, and other common areas, along with the Sony Auditorium.
  • Improvement of the building's ventilation system.
  • Training of all persons working regularly in the building (students, faculty and personnel) and information given to occasional visitors (professional visits and concert audiences).
  • Several daily cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Furthermore, specific protocols for students, faculty, personnel, Sony Auditorium audiences and visitors have been developed which gather all mandatory measures and codes of action. These protocols will be updated and modified in accordance with the provisions issued by the authorities.

You can check the Sony Auditorium audience protocol here.