Dorin Marc: Glier - 2 Pièces op 32 - 2. Scherzo

GLIER, Reyngol'd Moritsevich

2 Pièces for double bass and piano op. 32

2. Scherzo


Dorin Marc, guest professor

José Antonio Jiménez Puerma, student

Jesús Gómez Madrigal, accompaying pianist


The student plays the whole Scherzo, and then Prof. Marc congratulates and ask him about the things he does not like, such us the general character. The theme must be performed by singing as a great Russian singer. The word Scherzo also means not pesante but leggiero. They return to the beginning and then the professor recommends other bowing and to make ‘balsatto’. He also makes indications on phrasing and articulation, bow movement, attacks and dynamics in order to get this ‘scherzando’ character.
They work on the short and clear articulation for the notes, by leading the bow with a lot of precision and making a very direct attack. Dorin Marc continues making comments on dynamics, accelerando and clearer phrasing. After that, the music becomes as legatissimo as possible and then he carries on with suggestions about phrasing, sound and expresivity by using bow stroke and vibrato.
They repeat the performance of the movement and, in a certain moment, Marc corrects the bowings and just at the end he asks for playing faster. They check a particular fingering, and he asks the student about the part with better sound: scherzando part was better than cantabile part, because he needs to improve the vibrato.
To conclude, the professor makes general comments on bow movement to attack long notes: not so speed to the frog at the beginning, but gradual and adding more vibrato to get more control and quality for the sound.

Language: Italian-Spanish