Duncan McTier: Double bass Technique exercises

Double bass Technique exercises


Duncan McTier, professor

Alfredo Fajardo Ramos, student


The professor asks about the sound that the student is producing while playing, and he requests him to focus on this sound to be tuned. They work the proper placing of the fingers for the first position. Then, McTier asks him to practice in front of the mirror to control the collocation of the fingers and then, to adjust the tuning for each note.
Afterwards, Duncan McTier proposes the student to make exercises about major and minor 2nd because the student needs to improve his tuning for these intervals. They work on the hand and fingers position on the strings, by checking the required tuning in every moment.
Besides, the professor gives some advices to improve the tuning for some problematic intervals for the student. It is important to ask oneself for tuning all the time and to locate where it fails in order to correct it. Another suggestion is to play the intervals with the piano and sing them to practise their tuning.

Language: English