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Frans Helmerson: Lalo - Cello concerto - II. Intermezzo

LALO, Edouard

Concerto for cello and orchestra in D minor (cello and piano reduction)

II. Intermezzo. Andantino con moto - Allegro presto - Andantino - Allegro presto


Frans Helmerson, guest professor

Mon-Puo Lee Hsu, student

Miguel Ángel Ortega Chavaldas, accompanying pianist


The professor identifies some difficulties in the student to play a fast passage correctly, and he recommends him not to use  so much bow (more 'concentrated' bow) and to play it with more contact with the strings in the last notes of the phrases.
The student plays again the movement from the beginning and then, Helmerson corrects some aspects of the student's performance. Regarding the bow, prof. Helmerson suggests the student not to be afraid of the bow changes to avoid an ugly sound: it is more advisable to go into the strings with security so that the quality of the sound turns out better.
The professor also advises the student to maintain his right hand and arm more relaxed, not so tense. Anyway, the student must play without focusing all his attention on the arm: technique must come from ears, not from muscles. The ear is what really makes everything.

Language: English