Janne Saksala: Bottesini - Capriccio di bravura


Capriccio di bravura for double bass and piano


Janne Saksala, guest professor

Jorge Toledo Rodríguez, student

Jesús Gómez Madrigal, accompanying pianist


The lecture begins with a brief correction on the attack with the bow (more percussive), the character should be more dramatic and there are other short corrections over the score.

Restarting the piece, Janne Saksala makes indications on the entry, and then on dynamics and natural phrasing. Saksala also suggests some bow and fingering changes to the student so that he could “sing” more. The gesture with the arm should be larger, in line with the expression of the drama. Besides, it is important to make a dynamic and character development, taking into account the climax in piano to touch the soul of the listener. At the end of the slow part, they work on articulation, notes duration and bowings issues.
Referring to the fast part, professor Saksala gives some pieces of advice regarding the arm movement and bow direction. He should practice it slowly and détaché, not spiccato.
Then they focus on a technical issue to improve the movement of the right arm: it is like a double lever between joints (elbow and wrist).
Afterwards they work on musical aspects such as articulation, music direction, sound, dynamics, tempo and bow distribution.
Finally, they practice the end of the piece, which is difficult, slowly but in rhythm and pressing more on the string. Cadence must be brilliant.