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Kolja Blacher: Schubert - Violin rondo D 895 op 70


Rondo for violin and piano in B minor D 895 op. 70


Kolja Blacher, guest professor

Andriy Murza, student

Duncan Gifford, accompanying pianist


Regarding the Andante, prof. Blacher has missed more rapport and connection with the piano. At the beginning, the tempo is good but it is not suitable to hurry up with certain notes.
Then, the professor gives the student some indications about fingers, dynamics and bow speed, rapport and so on. 
Afterwards, Kolja Blacher points out an harmonically surprising passage: the student must show it more. As regards the agogics, the student should be able to play rubato without 'disturbing' the piano (rubato a tempo): piano and violin must be connected. In order to practice this, the professor suggests playing it with the metronome.
Besides, Blacher gives some indications to correct the sound balance and rapport with the piano in certain moments.
Concerning the Allegro part, the professor considers that the phrasing should be improved, in general terms. In order to this, the student must be clear about phrasing and its duration according to the harmony of the piece in each moment, and also adjust the character according to that.
Kolja Blacher also adds some brief comments concerning articulation, dynamics, phrasing and accents.