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Menahem Pressler: Brahms - Piano trio no. 2 op 87: I. Allegro

BRAHMS, Johannes

Piano trio no. 2 in C major op. 87

I. Allegro


Menahem Pressler, guest professor

Grupo Tempo de Orange
Elena Rey, violin
Mikolaj Konopelski, cello
Noelia Fernández Rodiles, piano


In general, there are many good things in the performance of the Trio, but the tempo is not good and there is a lack of connection, especially in the second theme. There are also some general corrections on phrasing, articulation and dialog between voices.
Performing the work again, the professor Pressler explains to the Trio how the indication forte written in the score should be performed. Menahem Pressler carries on giving indications related to the sound balance between the different instruments: the accompaniment sounds louder than the theme, the piano must play softer in the trio. They also work on articulation, rhythm, accents and phrasing in specific passages because the way they play would not be of Brahms's taste. Besides, Pressler makes some detailed corrections to the strings - concerning a long part of preparation before the theme - about phrasing, metrics, sound quality and dynamical issues. There must be a continuation among instruments, and it is important to know what the rest of members of the group are playing in every moment.
Menahem Pressler insists on the importance of performing the metrics properly (without unnecessary ritardandi) and the sound balance. He also adds comments on character: the piano must sound tenderer and without making accents in the attack of the chords. Then, the professor proposes other fingering for the violin to get more emotion and expressiveness.
Reaching the end, the quality of the sound must be improved: not so much vibrato but powerful, emotional. In order to obtain an appropriate ending, the last chords must be more conclusive.

Language: English