Miriam Fried: Chausson - Poème op 25 (II)


Poème for solo violin and orchestra op. 25 (violin and piano reduction)


Miriam Fried, guest professor

Inés Issel Burzyñska, student

Vadim Gladkov, accompanying pianist


Professor Fried starts talking about the special aspects of this piece, the circumstances of its composition and the poem related to it. Within the musical aspects, it is important the wide range of emotions and colors. Thus, they will work throughout the class both: the emotions and colors and which tools are going to help her achieving that. Although they focus on the beginning of the piece, in general, the details have to be organised consciously in larger structures.
The vibrato gives a special color to the sound. The right hand is the responsible of the expression in the violin, but the left one gives the color, as well the pitch.
In a two-voice passage, the two melodies have to be heard because the audience has to distinguish the dialogue, so we have to give special attention to the different sound planes and intervals.
Fried explains the importance of finding the sound and the bow speed which allow the music to sound easy and comfortable.
The pulse in three beats can be very different depending on the character of the piece: waltz, minuetto, sarabande...
Finally, Fried talks about vibrato in relation to the sound. The bow has to change at the same time we change the vibrato. The goal is to reach a specific color, which is easier to find if we play with flexibility.

Language: English