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Miriam Fried: Mozart - Violin concerto no. 3 K 216 - I. Allegro

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus

Concerto for violin and orchestra no. 3 in G major K 216 (violin and piano reduction)

I. Allegro


Miriam Fried, guest professor

Kamran Omarli, student

Vadim Gladkov, accompanying pianist


After commenting something about Oistrakh's cadence, Professor Fried starts to work a very important aspect: the mood in music. She develops this point talking about Mozart's mood and its influences in his works, how the same spirits has to control both, the way we study or the way we perform the piece, the importance to clarify the emotions that the music causes in us and the need to not ever forget why we do music.
She follows the masterclass explaining Mozart's harmonic resources and how they set up the mood of the piece. Sometimes Fried mentions the operatic character of some passages and the need to balance with the orchestra.
We have to keep all the time our motivation while playing music. It is what makes different and special a performance. The key is not to chase the perfection because it is not what matters -she gives some examples of musicians searching more than a mechanical performance, such as the maestros Stern, Menuhin, Oistrakh, Milstein.
Other requirement to reach a deep knowledge is to integrate all the little units -rhythmical and melodic motifs- in larger structures, thinking in big dimensions.
Finally, Fried recommends the student to pursue the proportion in all the aspects, such as gestures, dynamics, phrasing, articulation...because it is what gives the sense to a performance.

Language: English