Peter Frankl: Liszt - Piano sonata S 178

LISZT, Franz

Sonata for piano solo in B minor S 178


Peter Frankl, guest professor

Juliana Steinbach, student


Firstly, prof. Frankl praises the student for her reading of the Sonata. A musical aspect that she can improve is the climax in the middle section (too much hurried), and then the calm comes but not so soon. A certain passage with accents, the professor plays it differently and he uses another fingering to obtain more sound clarity. Forwards, the student should be more careful so that she does not reach the chords one beat late. Besides, Peter Frankl mentions some character changes and therefore the sound contrast which has to be conducted: the “Grandioso” must sound noble, and after that it should sound dramatic but not hysterical.
The professor insists on moments in which the student should play not so hurried or delayed, also taking into account the quality of the sound, phrasing and clarity of the execution. Regarding the part with octaves, they work on it by correcting their duration and the sound in the “fff” ones (it should be barnstorming).
Reaching the end, the professor highlights the performance of the syncopations by the student, and he points out that the crescendo should be played without accent. Finally, Frankl corrects the rhythm in the theme.

Language: English