Miriam Fried: Saint-Saëns - Havanaise op 83


Havanaise for solo violin and orchestra in E major op. 83 (violin and piano reduction)


Miriam Fried, guest professor

Mª Raquel Caló e Cambournac, student

Anna Mirakyan, accompanying pianist


Fried explains that this work has two different parts -dance and virtuosity- and a dual purpose: for the virtuosity, the student has to adopt an attitude of impressing the audience, learning to communicate the message instead of showing the technical difficulties.
She also talks about bow and relaxation and how to connect a sound with the following. Fried says that the music is always in movement, we are telling a story, so we have to know how to do it.
The professor talks about harmony, consonance and dissonance and the importance to take musical decisions following a planning. The most remarkable thing is the emotional vision of the work and how we transmit it to the audience.
In the virtuosic part, the student has to think in groups of notes, analysing the phrase in order to simplify it. The bow helps us to express the music.
Fried explains the use of the bow in different moments of the piece and how to connect a sound with the following sound.
To control the performance, it is necessary to know the piece very well, which avoids being scared. One useful advice might be not to forget the reason why we do music.
At the end of the class, Professor Fried explains the vibrato in relation with harmonics and the use of the right arm together with the bow, as well as the connection between the parts of the arm and the sound.

Language: English