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Lawrence Power: Enescu - Concert piece for viola and piano

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Female Masters at the Escuela

Our tribute to the great female teachers who have passed through the Escuela, or those who day by day contribute to the musical training of our students

Winds from 20th Century

A collection of masterclasses on works composed in the 20th Century for different wind instruments

Mozart: great Concerti, great Soloists

A compilation of classes where some of the great Sazlburg composer's most renowned concerti for various solo instruments are reviewed

The Art of Bel Canto

Insights from great lyric masters on arias written by the main composers of Italian Bel Canto: Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini

Eternal Bach

Different professors walk us through the performance of the basic masterpieces for solo instruments by the great Johann Sebastian Bach

Unforgettable Masters

Internationally renowned pedagogues that have left behind a treasured legacy for our students